Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Next Whatever -- Available June 9th!

New book alert!

I wrote The Next Whatever in 2018. I called it "my healing book," because writing it made me feel the joy again after a year of major writing burn-out. Drafting went really slowly as I waded back into my almost-empty well of creativity. Soon, that well filled up as I got to know the characters and their stories, and before I knew it, I had another book!

And in a little over two weeks, I get to share it with you all. 💗

Avery is used to saying goodbye to people. When your father builds bridges all over the country, frequent moves are a requirement. While her parents love the “adventure” of it all, Avery is counting down the days until she can head off to college and finally stay put for a while.

But first she has to survive a year in Granesville, where the residents aren’t exactly welcoming. Avery is determined to get through senior year without any attachments or distractions…until she accidentally crashes into Liam, breaking his ankle and ruining his plans to work and save money for a trip to Ireland that has some secret, personal meaning to him.

Avery’s solution? Take over Liam’s position in the town sandwich shop while he heals.

Adjusting to the job and small town life isn’t easy, but soon she finds something worth fighting for. Real friends. A sense of place. Or…she could close off her heart again before she has a chance to make a real connection. And maybe fall in love.

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