Tuesday, November 22, 2011


You know, sometimes I'm glad I don't have a publisher or agent yet because I'm pretty sure deadlines would kill me. In the past month I've written maybe two pages. Seriously. I'm in a huge writing rut. My manuscript is so close to finished. I've got my character into a quite a big mess and now I have to figure out how to get her out of it so I can end this thing. The creativity gods, like Santa with a naughty kid, have skipped my house entirely. Keyboard, meet forehead.

Now, a list of things I've been doing instead of writing:

1) Playing Plants vs. Zombies (I'm on level 5)

2) Watching Sons of Anarchy (season 4 is a.mazing)

3) Playing crib on Pogo

4) Playing Scribblenauts on my iPhone

5) Trying to win a trip to Cuba on Q104

6) Facebook

7) Being a Mom (tending sickies, meal prep, cleaning, spending money, counting slowly to 10)

8) Organizing my desk

9) Pushing the cat off my desk


10) Reading other people's books while avoiding my own

I suck.