Monday, October 5, 2015

New Agent News

Agent news? you may be thinking. I thought she already had an agent?

Well, you're right. I did. And still I do, but I'll get to that in a sec.

Last week, Carly called and said, "I have some bad news and some good news." She gave me the bad news first: she's no longer representing YA, which means she can no longer be my agent. I was sorry to hear this, of course, because I'd been with Carly since 2012 and we'd gone through a lot over the years--two submission rounds, months of revisions, countless rejections, three offers (in one week!), and finally, a two-book publishing deal.

And then came the good news: one of the newer agents at P.S. Literary read my latest manuscript and loved it. He wants to represent me. Yay! So we got introduced over email. Then we set up a call. Then we spoke on the phone and quickly realized that we're both on the same page with this manuscript. He believes in it, which made me believe in it even more.

The pact was then sealed with virtual high fives and numerous exclamation points on my end. I'm happy to announce that I'm now represented by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary Agency. He's American (unlike me), an author (like me), and also pretty entertaining on Twitter. I'm looking forward to working with him, and I'm so excited to begin this new chapter (heh) in my writing career.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

ANY OTHER GIRL Cover Reveal!

Once upon a time, in the fall of 2013, I signed up for National Novel Writing Month and began writing a story about a fun, outgoing girl named Kat who had same-sex parents. A year later, that story was sold in a two-book deal to Kensington Publishing. And today, I'm going to show you its beautiful cover. (Yeah, yeah, okay, so the cover's been up on Amazon, Goodreads, etc for weeks now, but for today we'll pretend it's not).

First, here's the blurb:

After a disastrous, reputation-destroying party at the end of junior year, Kat Henley has a new plan. When it comes to boys—especially other people’s boys:

Don’t touch.
Don’t smile. 
Don’t charm.

In the past, drawing attention to herself helped distract people from what really makes Kat different—having two gay parents. But it’s also cost her friendships. Kat can’t afford to lose any more of those, especially not her cousin, Harper. They’re spending one last summer together at the lake, where they run into an intriguing newcomer named Emmett Reese. After years of trying to prove she’s just like everybody else, Kat has found someone who wants her because she’s not. A boy who could be everything she wants too—if Harper hadn’t liked him first…

Oh yes. It's about family loyalty and forbidden love and secrets and s'mores and everything summer. And it's probably my favorite book out of all my books. Maybe because Kat and her dads were so much fun to create. And after writing a bad boy in Faking Perfect, it was nice to go back to a nice guy like Emmett. I enjoyed virtually every minute of writing this book and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Okay, ready for the cover?


Ta-da! I love it. It so perfectly captures the tone of the book. I love the purplish/orangey shades (it is purplish and orangey, right? I don't trust my color judgment after that whole The Dress internet debacle). I love that the girl is wearing a dress, because Kat loves dresses. I love that they're surrounded by water, because the book takes place at Kat's family's summer cottage at the lake.

ANY OTHER GIRL comes out on January 26, 2016. Won't it be lovely to read a nice summer-y book in the dead of winter? You can pre-order it now at one of these places:

And don't forget to add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

One Week Later

FAKING PERFECT has been out in the world for exactly one week and it's been crazy. And wonderful. I'm overwhelmed by the love and support I received from bloggers, other authors, family, and friends. Thank you all so much!

Here are some of my favorite reviews from the blog tour so far:

"Faking Perfect is about discovering who you truly are, apart from what others think of you, and about learning to live with life’s imperfections." -- Feed Your Fiction Addiction

"This story is absolutely raw and real, done in a tasteful way." -- Writing Pearls

"Faking Perfect is heartbreaking in its intensity and believability." -- Books Direct

"The author did a phenomenal job in creating a complex main character and by writing in the first person POV, the reader is able to experience everything that Lexi does while also getting a peek inside of her mind." -- A Dream Within a Dream

"Overall, Faking Perfect is a great novel with a resounding message." -- The Book Belles

And just...all of this one: Rhea's Neon Journal

Oh, and for the past two days, my little book has been hanging out on the Amazon Top 100 Hot New Releases list for Teen & Young Adult Romance!

Thank you to everyone who Tweeted, Facebooked, blogged, reviewed, promoted, bought, and read FAKING PERFECT. I appreciate every single one of you.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


It's today! It's today!

I can hardly believe it. My little book is now out in the world. It's been a long, rewarding journey, and many, many thanks to everyone who was (and still is) a part of it.

Thank you also to all those who pre-ordered. You should have the book on your devices today, and your paperbacks are hopefully in the mail.

If you haven't pre-ordered, you can grab FAKING PERFECT right now:

Oh, and if anyone happens to come across my little book in a store, I would love to see a pic of it.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Faking Perfect News

It's May, which means FAKING PERFECT comes out next month! Well, almost two months, actually, but who's counting besides me?

Bloggers and reviewers, you can now request a digital ARC from Netgalley.

Request ARC

Americans and Canadians, you can now enter to win one of 25 paperback copies of FAKING PERFECT on Goodreads.

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