When her boyfriend Michael leaves for college, seventeen-year-old Taylor Brogan is determined to make their long-distance relationship work. Together, they've managed to overcome past issues with communication and trust, so they’re confident they can tackle this newest challenge too.

To ease her loneliness, Taylor distracts herself with school, a makeover, and a whole new set of friends. But even with all these diversions, dating long-distance is a lot harder than she ever expected. Her loyalties are tested even further when Dylan enters the picture. He’s the opposite of Michael in every way, and his obvious interest in her—not to mention his lean, athletic body and adorable dimples—makes Taylor want to keep her distance. But she can’t deny her growing attraction to him, especially when her relationship with Michael starts falling apart.

When the inevitable break-up occurs, Taylor begins a rebound romance with Dylan that quickly becomes more than she bargained for. His dark moods scare her, and soon she’s in danger of losing herself to this new life she’s created, a life she’s no longer sure she even wants.

Taylor's story continues in this sequel to JUST YOU.

Reviews for Someone Else

"...the story is extremely well written and the characters are all fun, interesting and well developed - the reader steps right into their lives right along with them." -- Ocean_Angel, reader 

"...I was VERY pleased with this book and its realistic portrayal of the ups and downs of teenage true love. Brought back so many memories and even made me teary-eyed...I loved it." -- evermore, reader  

"This book was great from start to finish and it picks right up where the other one left off. It doesn't leave you guessing or lost in any way. This was a great read weather you're 17 or 30...You'll fall in love with this book." -- Tiffanie, reader

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Someone Else (Just You #2)



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