ABNA 2012

Want to read a detailed account of the life and times of an ABNA finalist? I blogged my entire experience from beginning to end. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Reviews for Out of Nowhere

Publishers Weekly says: "This manuscript is a very good example of a contemporary coming-of-age novel, with well-rounded characters and honest emotion...Riley's story is thoughtful and grounded, showing the impact of a traumatic event years after the event occurred...Even supporting characters are well-rounded, and the relationships ring true."

Andrea Cremer (NYT Bestselling Author) says "Within this burgeoning love story is also a narrative about family, trust, and acceptance...Riley's evolution from a frightened girl who hides behind books and facts to a young woman honestly confronting the grief that is the source of her fear involves a well-drawn, conflicted relationship with her mother....Riley's story is one that garners empathy, and readers will smile as she overcomes the psychological stumbling blocks on her path."

Regina Hayes (President and Publisher of Viking Children's Books) says:  "...there is so much to like in this manuscript: an easy, readable style; many appealing characters; and genuinely touching moments...the romance is believable and sweet, as is Riley’s deep affection for her little brother and her mother... An extremely enjoyable read."

Charlie Olsen (Agent at Inkwell Management) says:  "Well written and (mostly) lighthearted, Out of Nowhere provides a wonderful balance of quirk and levity and pulls all the right pieces together to reach a satisfying conclusion...I’d love to read more by Rebecca Phillips."

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